Over 140 Amazing Divi Layouts Now Available Right Inside The Divi Builder

Divi are bringing some absolutely incredible value to Divi in the form of over 140 beautifully designed premade layouts that you can browse through and import onto your page without ever leaving the Divi Builder. These layouts are organized into complete website packs that you can use to quickly jump-start your next website, and they are filled with wonderful original photography and illustrations that you are free to use on all of your commercial projects. Plus, we are adding new layouts every single week! Now every Divi user has instant access to countless world-class designs on a variety of subjects right inside the Divi Builder.

Divi layouts are organized into complete website packs, with each pack including 7 to 8 individually-designed pages suited for each particular type of website. These packs are designed in a unique and cohesive style that can be modified to meet your needs. All of your standard pages come pre-built, so all you need to do is import the design and add your content!

All of Divi’s amazing layout packs can now be browsed and searched within the builder. Click on your desired category for a list of relevant layout packs and click on any pack to view all of the page layouts it includes. Once you find a layout that you want to use, it can be imported directly onto your page where the design and content can be easily customized. You can also search through our entire collection using keywords relevant to the type of website or the type of page you are currently building.

With over 140 layouts currently available, Divi offers a huge variety of pre-built pages that you can use to jump-start your website. They also serve as a great source of inspiration and a powerful learning tool. We put a lot of effort into making world-class designs that we are truly proud of, and we are confident in saying that Divi’s pre-made layout packs are the best in the business.

One of the things that make our layout packs especially unique is the fact that they are full of original photography and custom illustrations created by our own design team. This allows us to consider every aspect of the page and create the perfect harmony of text, color and imagery. You won’t find any cringeworthy stock photos in our Divi layout packs! Plus, all of our photos and illustrations open source, which means you are free to use them on all of your commercial projects without any licensing restrictions.